November 06, 2006

Gay Pride Goeth Before a Fall

Just as Ariel Sharon’s military appointees have left the country defenceless and his vice premier has rendered the country leaderless, his attorney general Menachem Mazuz has made his own unique contribution to the erosion of the Jewish state by allowing gays to march in Jerusalem against the advice of police.

This means that 12,000 police will have to be deployed on Friday to protect this important demonstration of Israel’s graduation to the lofty standards of European culture and tolerance.

This means there will be 12,000 less police to secure our citizens against suicide attacks this coming Friday.

Lebanon should have taught us that Arabs are no longer stupid. We have to assume they will exploit this thinning of resources to open a crack our defences and do what they love to do most: kill Jews.

And, in case you think the suicide bombers have gone away, here's one that blew herself up just today approaching our soldiers in Beit Hanoun.

If heaven forbid there is an attack this weekend, by a killer who took advantage of the situation created by Mazuz, let him carry full responsibility for the consequences.

What else must we endure from this utterly discredited, inept and corrupt government?

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