January 10, 2007

$63 billion buys no loyalty

This picture appeared in a mainstream Egyptian newspaper last week, supporting an article calling for Americans to hang their president for killing vastly more people than Saddam.

I should have thought that such a picture would sicken every American citizen, down to the wettest most liberal and leftist of Bush opponents in the Congress.

Last year alone Egypt received 1.7 billion dollars in US aid. Since the creation of the State of Israel Egypt has received a total of 63 billion dollars in military and economic aid.

Yet Egypt is still host to the world headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood and the main source of the most virulent anti-Semitic incitement circulating in the world today. And just as the Mubarak regime condones the printing of blood libels and the airing of a TV dramatisation of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, it also failed to veto this betrayal of its American benefactor.

Ehud Olmert has trusted Egypt to re-enter Sinai to protect Israel's security. Hopefully US congressmen will not be so stupid and shall put an end to the aid given to these duplicitous ingrates in Cairo.


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