January 21, 2007

Tommy and the Barbarians

Ranting in the Jerusalem Post, former Shinui party leader Tommy Lapid takes a swipe at the Jewish residents of Hebron over an altercation with their Arab neighbors. Entitled “Stop the Jewish barbarians in Hebron” the anti-religious Holocaust survivor compares our settlers to the neighbors who abused and spat at him as a child in pre-war Hungary.

I am sure the Lapid family never stabbed Hungarians in the streets, shot their infants with sniper rifles or sent little Tommy into school with a bomb strapped around his waist.

Lapid’s choice of the term ‘barbarians’ is rich since Hungarians trace their origins back to Attila the Hun in the 4th century.

In contrast, our valiant Jewish families in Hebron have returned to the hometown of Abraham and King David.


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