February 18, 2007

Can you feel a Pulsa ?

There’s something very weird going on in Israel.

All these indictments and resignations: Katsav, Ramon, Halutz and today police chief Moshe Karadi falls on his sword in an underworld scandal.

Sharon lies in a vegetative coma whilst his son Omri contemplates his own jail-time.

What do all these fall guys have in common?

In one word: disengagement.

They were all complicit in the eviction of Jewish families from Gush Katif and neighbouring settlements of Gaza. Sharon and his son Omri conceived the scheme and appointed Halutz to implement it, in place of Yaalon whom they sacked for his opposing views. Moshe Karadi was the police enforcer tasked with dealing with overzealous zealots. Chaim Ramon was one of the most vociferous advocates of the scheme. And the one man who could have vastly empowered the resistance – President Moshe Katsav – instead persuaded the settlers to capitulate and make Sharon’s work a pushover.

It will be interesting to see what soon befalls the likes of Dov Weisglass (Sharon’s attorney and bureau chief who was widely credited with pushing the Gaza plan as a diversionary tactic relieve the pressure of corruption proceedings against his client) and Yonatan Bassi, the religious turncoat whose duty to compensate evicted families has been shown to be so miserably and woefully derelict.

Hundreds of evicted Jews still cower in freezing tents, their livelihoods trampled and their families torn apart by immeasurable stress and trauma.

Their only crumb of comfort is the ability to declare that the eviction brought war not peace and that some divine retribution is being meted out to its most complicit abettors.


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