February 27, 2007

Hans in kid gloves

Former Iraq weapons inspector Hans Blix has told a conference that it is wrong to insist on Iran’s cessation of uranium enrichment as a precondition to talks.

Blix says: "This is in a way like telling a child, first you will behave and thereafter you will be given your rewards, and I think, is humiliating."

What kind of ‘child’ plays with nuclear weapons?

And in Hans’s little wonderland, what is wrong with ‘humiliating’ a bunch of mullahs that rabidly incites the genocide of an entire country?

Blix will be remembered as the man who failed to find Saddam’s WMD. Had he taken his mission more seriously, he might have found those weapons before they were trucked to safety in Syria.

But then again, he probably didn’t want to treat Saddam like a child.

People like Blix do not seem to understand that the likes of Saddam, Bin Laden, Meshaal, Nasrallah and Ahmadinejad are not part of the human race, let alone the family of nations willing to deal honestly and fairly with one another within the framework of treaties like the NPT or Geneva Conventions.

Instead, they are primitive barbarians who subvert the freedoms and conventions created by the free world for the furtherance of their agenda of death and global subversion of all infidels through unremitting terror.

If Blix does not wake up to the reality of what he is appeasing, he will soon find the WMD that had eluded him for so long in Iraq.

It will be riding on a Shehab missile slamming into his quiet town square in Stockholm.
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