April 07, 2007


By Thursday night we were all bewailing the resolution of the latest Iran hostage crisis and the way in which Ahmadinejad was left smelling of roses with his wonderful Easter Gift in the release of the 15 sailors to a humiliated British government.

In ordinary circumstances one would have expected the likes of the Guardian and Independent newspapers to laud this tyrant’s manganimity and - in echoes of the Baker/Hamilton Iraq Study Group – make some daft suggestions that it is ‘time to engage with our friends in Iran, as jaw-jaw is better than war-war’.

Fortunately, even in this arid region, the ink does not dry quickly enough.

By Friday morning the UK headlines were filled with outrage against Iran’s sponsorship of terror bombings in Iraq which claimed the lives of four UK troops, two of them women. Locals were shown rejoicing with the macabre debris of the blast. ‘Iran’s Real Easter Gift’ was the Friday headline in the Daily Mail.

Fortunately Israel has always been able to depend on two lifesavers. One is divine intervention and the other is the foolishness of its enemies.

Perhaps they are linked?

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