May 28, 2007

Hamas salutes Peretz

How fitting that Hamas had the last word on the end of Amir Peretz's ministerial career.

He went down to his hometown of Sderot to vote (presumably for himself) in his Labor party's primaries in which he is sure to be trounced into 3rd or 4th place behind Ayalon or Barak.

As Peretz cast his ballot, Hamas saluted his demise with a salvo of 3 Kassam missiles which thudded into a nearby field.

So it's goodbye to the Defense Minister who will always be remembered by Israelis for for his binocular gaffe (click picture).

If he thinks of looking back on his brief term as Labor party leader and government minister, he is better off keeping the lens caps on again. No amount of Prozac can make it feel like anything less than a complete disaster.

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