May 27, 2007

The writing on the wall

Today I returned to the Galut of a rainswept England after an enriching Shavuot holiday in Jerusalem. The sight of tens of thousands of morning worshippers thronging the Kotel plaza at daybreak on Shavuot was truly awesome.

To get to the airport I took the faster 443 Modi'in highway which runs through part of the 'West Bank'. Its early stretches just outside Jerusalem are protected from Arab areas by high walls. And for the first time I saw many sections marked withthis kind of graffiti saying: "Kahane Was Right".

[Rabbi Meir Kahane was founder of the Jewish Defense League and the right wing Kach party in Israel. He was asassinated in New York on November 5th 1990 by an Arab gunman wearing a yarmulke. It is thought to be the very first Al Qaeda operation in the US.]

Perhaps Israelis are beginning to realise the unavoidable truth, that peace with these people is an illusion and that Israel s future can only be secure as a purely Jewish State within borders considered defensible by our military rather than the Un or the US state department.

The graffiti reminded me of the TV debate between Kahane and a much younger Ehud Olmert. Kahane's clear vision of the future was as stark as Olmert's 'no problem' mentality which unfortunately endures to this day. Click the photo to see Ted Koppel's Nightline clip.
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