June 07, 2007

The Lessons of Interference

A Ben Gurion strike was narrowly averted today when air traffic controllers agreed to keep the airport open despite major safety concerns over interference with ATC signals by pirate radio transmitters.

Last week an incoming flight was endangered when radio interference disrupted communication with the pilot on his final approach.

And the main culprit?

A pirate radio station in Ramallah!

No doubt spewing out lies and libels about the Jewish people.

At a time when the Kadima crazies are tempting Syria with more territory and Labor has voted to re-elect the man who was prepared to surrender 97% of Judea/Samaria and half of Jerusalem, perhaps this should be a warning that our so-called ‘peace partners’ are already far too close for comfort.

It’s clear that our leaders cannot see the threats clearly. They cannot see further than the next opinion poll or the next visit by the US secretary of state.

When visibility is poor, pilots depend on ILS – an unseen electronic beacon – to guide them through the gloom on the right path to the runway. Likewise the State of Israel can only survive if its leaders stay tuned to the Jewish beacon and the guidance system of our Torah.

After a long-haul passage of 2,000 years - through the worst turbulence imaginable – that divine guidance has landed our people safely in our own homeland.

If our leaders continue to give up more and more territory, we will have gotten little further than the airport terminal.

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