June 13, 2007

Nothing but the Truth

These days you have to be brave to stick up for the Jewish State in any public debate and there are precious few journalists sympathetic to Israel. One British journalist to whom I spoke at a symposium in Jerusalem told me: “Supporting Israel is the kiss of death within the journalistic fraternity … it’s a very lonely wicket for us and we pay for this kind of disloyalty in loss of career advancement.”

So when I think about the kidnapped BBC reporter Alan Johnson held hostage in civil-war-torn Gaza, I ask myself: ‘Have his Arab kidnappers done anything worse than his own peers in the media, by imprisoning the truth about Hamas and the PA and their Jihadist controllers in Teheran? These reporters have sold their very souls to the devil of Islamic terror in exchange for daily access to stories in Gaza and the West bank. They have colluded in the blatant staging of Israeli atrocities and massacres, every one of which has subsequently been debunked as utter rubbish. From the al-Durrah shooting to the Gaza beach shelling to the Jenin massacre. Each morning the BBC & CNN hacks are told when and where to turn up, to film their fiction and be back in time for tea and scones at their favourite watering hole: the American Colony Hotel in East Jerusalem.

And despite the kidnapping of Alan Johnson and the beheading of Daniel Pearl, these hacks continue to betray the prime mission of their profession: to report the Pravda … the truth. Until they pluck up the courage to tell things the way they really are, more lives will be put at risk as a world which hangs on their every word as gospel goes about its business totally oblivious of the existential threat to our freedom and way of life.

Fortunately there are some lone voices out there which are slowly giving encouragement to other journalists. The bravest in the UK is Melanie Phillips whose blog may be accessed here. The wittiest is Mark Steyn, whose new book ‘America Alone’ was praised by President Bush alongside Sharansky’s ‘Case for Democracy’.

I just bought Steyn’s book and wanted to share the laugh I had on noticing the plug which appears at the top of its front cover.

It’s pure Steyn.

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