June 11, 2007

Shoving it to the Mullahs

In these troubled times when Israel's weak and corrupt government is so much into retreat and appeasement, its a major boost to see this kind of image in the news.

It's Israel's latest spy satellite, Ofek-7 being launched from Palmachim airbase last night.

There is a poll in one of the Israeli newspapers as to whether the defense ministry should have kept this launch under wraps, so as not to give the game away to our enemies.

Sometimes I wonder what planet these pollsters live on.
I should have thought half the Negev would have seen this thing roaring into the sky last night, or at least heard it.

And hopefully the mullahs were woken up in Teheran too.

That Magen David on the launch rocket really does it for me.
If only Hitler could see us now.
He might whisper a few choice lessons in the ear of his Iranian disciples.

And, as always on special Jewish occasions, irony quickly gives way to humour.
The name of the rocket launcher ... Shavit.

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