June 04, 2007

Turning the other check

This fuss about UK academic boycotts is being blown out of all proportion. It’s about the usual suspects – a small but determined group of leftists which has infiltrated universities and NGO’s like Amnesty International. Like fungi in the forest, they seem to be all over the place after a good rain shower. This group nourishes itself on opportunities like the death of Rachel Corrie, the Jenin ‘massacre’ and now the anniversary of the Six Day War.

The mainstream almost always throw out these resolutions in the end.

But there is something Mr Olmert could have learned from this. He might consider boycotting Mr Abbas and his Palestinian Authority on the very valid grounds that the ‘government’ he shares with Hamas is rocketing Sderot and lately causing fatalities.

Instead (dare I say unbelievably?) Olmert is actually considering the transfer of another $100 million of tax revenues to Abbas. He has not had any accounting for the $100 million he paid over in January, most likely none of which ever found its way into a Palestinian hospital or school (other than underneath such places, in the form of an arms cache).

Bibi Netanyahu and former chief of staff Boogie Ya’alon press for Olmert to cut off Gaza’s electricity and gas.

In response Olmert writes out checks.

Turning the other cheek.

Turning the other check.

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