January 17, 2008

Will Arabs vote Jews out of Jerusalem?

The 'beginning of the end' of the Olmert government is how some Likudniks described Avigdor Lieberman's resignation from the coalition yesterday. It was always expected the the Sefardi-Haredi Shas party would quickly follow (with a record of so many walkouts from prevous coalitions, they did not want to be first to bolt this time).

However, it seems not.
Shas are now saying that they will stay with Olmert for as long as he does not sign over any part of Jerusalem to Mr Abbas.

This would seem to mean that Yehuda and Shomron are dispensable.

Are Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef and his Haredi lieutenants in the Knesset content to see 250,000 mainly religious Zionists uprooted from their homes in the so-called West Bank?

Are they so naiive as to think that a practised crook like Olmert is not capable of deceiving them as well?

And that, as soon as Olmert has signed away whatever Shas will let him surrender to Mr Abbas (and ultimately Hamas) he will eject Shas and replace them with the self-hating Jews of Meretz and the gleeful MK's of the Arab parties who wil gleefully support the surrender of the Jewish capital.

Will Shas knowingly provide the casting vote on Jerusalem to a handful of Arab MK's?


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