February 29, 2008

Fighting Common Foes


In response to Larry Derfner’s excellent report on the Darfur refugees in Tel Aviv:
Ask not what we can do for them – but what they can do for us”.

Unlike those who were lucky enough to be flown into Ben Gurion during operation Moses, these plucky people have risked their lives and suffered beatings and abuse in a two-thousand-mile trek across the desert, finally to dodge the bullets of Egyptian border guards in their last scramble to reach Israel.

And why? To escape Islamic tyranny and return to a life of Christian values which are being ethnically cleansed from their homelands.

What better citizens could Israel hope for? And what better time for us to be welcoming them when the State is under demographic threat of a Muslim majority destabilising it from within?

Just as the escapees from Nazism were drafted into the Haganah from the very beaches they arrived on, these survivors could be drafted into the IDF to join our common fight against Islamism. A war to which most of Europe has still not woken up.

They should be awarded citizenship on completion of their army service which will have usefully familiarised them with the language and culture of the country.

Who knows? Perhaps they will become one of the most feared units in the IDF. And perhaps, in later life, some will take up seats in the Knesset and replace those held by seditious Arab MKs whose 'brotherhood' would have so callously shot the refugees at the Egyptian border.

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