March 24, 2008

The Greatest Prize of All

Notice the rapprochement that is going on between former enemies in the Middle East.

The Sunni royals in Saudi Arabia, who most fear Iranian hegemony in the region, have been maintaining cordial contacts with Nazi President Ahmadinejad since he visited Mecca for the Hajj.

Earlier this month Ahmadinejad went to Baghdad. In the first state visit between the countries for 40 years, Iran’s Shiite despot was warmly welcomed by Iraq’s Kurdish president Jalal Talebani.

Relationships between Iran and Syria have been cemented by Russia which protects them both from any threat of serious sanctions for nuclear weaponisation or state sponsorship of terrorism.

And now we see moves by our supposed “peace partner” Mahmoud Abbas to reconcile his duplicitous and corrupt Fatah organisation with the terrorist leadership of Hamas in Gaza.

Why are all these bitter rivals and previously sworn enemies burying so many old hatchets?

The answer is simple.

For the first time in 60 years, all these people truly and deeply believe that they have something much bigger at stake. The chance to realise their most cherished ambition – to win their most coveted prize. The erasure of the State of Israel and its people.

But, why should our enemies believe this now? At such a time when Israel has never been better armed and equipped to defend itself?

The answer is simple.

They have watched and listened very carefully.

They watched Israel declare war on her own people in surrendering control of Gaza without a single Arab shot being fired.

They listened to Olmert saying he is “tired of fighting and tired of winning” and watched this self-defeating prophecy being played out in the disastrous Lebanon War.

They observe that Israel is not even prepared to retaliate against rocket attacks on her southern cities, and responds simply by moving families further north and upgrading bomb shelters.

And they marvel that even the slaughter of 8 teenage yeshiva students goes unpunished and is quickly forgotten by Israel’s leaders as they revert to their mantra of surrendering ever more land as if this will make any difference.

Everyone has a vested interest in Israel’s defeat.

Iran needs to enact its messianic apocalypse and Russia needs to make up for its humiliation in the region during the 1967 war.

And by showing weakness and appeasement, this misbegotten government of Israel has given our enemies more hope and motivation than ever before that their ultimate prize is now within reach.

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