March 13, 2008

The Jewish Problem - 2008

During WW2, "The Jewish Problem" was about Nazis needing to do away with the Jews.

70 years later "The Jewish Problem" is about Jews helping Nazis to do away with Israel.

What better way to bridge these two eras than with music?

I give you world famous conductor and pianist Daniel Barenboim, son of Ashkenazi Jews who married the famous cellist Jacqueline Dupre at the Western Wall in Jerusalem.

Now in his sixties, Barenboim is a fierce critic of Israel, calling its policies toward Palestinians 'morally abhorrent'. Remember, he was the guy who refused to be interviewed by Israel Army Radio because he was offended by the interviewer's uniform. He goes out of his way to upset his own people, most notably by playing music by Hitler's beloved composer, Richard Wagner at the Israel Festival in Jerusalem.

A best friend of Palestinian activist Edward Said, this mutation of the Jewish Problem adopted honorary Palestinian citizenship after sneaking into Ramallah to conduct a concert for his Arab friends.

For his latest stunt, Barenboim is taking his Palestinian orchestra to the site of the 1936 Nazi Olympics in Berlin to play more of Hitler's favourite pieces by Wagner. The same strains that were played by the SS as Jews filed into the gas chambers.

And here's the rich bit ... the proceeds of that concert will go to building a new concert hall in Ramallah.

If things run true to form, that concert hall - like most cultural centres, schools and hospitals in the Palestinian territories - will soon be stocked up with weapons and fitted with rocket launchers ready for the next round of Jew killing.

So there you have it. A Jewish boy who was lucky enough to have been born in Argentina in 1942 instead of being gassed in Poland, decides to make his home in Berlin. From there he builds a career which peaks in the playing of Wagner to upset Jewish holocaust survivors and playing it again to raise money for those who wish to wipe out the next generation of Jews.

There you have him.
Daniel Barenboim - icon of the new Jewish Problem.
First citizen of Palestine and frontrunner for president of 'Jews for a Second Holocaust'.

The Furhrer would have laughed heartily.


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