June 19, 2008

A Miracle for Olmert

In an interview with a German newspaper, Ehud Olmert hopes that a miracle will save his job.

If you’ve ever marvelled at how arrogant this guy is, witness his gall in expecting G-d to enact a special miracle for him.

That he has been thoroughly dishonest with the Israeli people and his colleagues seems to be accepted by everyone. But if he can for one moment be honest with himself, he will see that he’s already had more than his fair share of miracles.

With a reputation for corruption that has permeated his whole political career, it’s a miracle that he ever got this far. And having been marginalised in the Likud leadership primaries, he was catapulted into the PM’s chair only because Ariel Sharon was stricken with a brain haemorrhage.

Even without such divine intervention, isn’t it the stuff of fantasy and farce that a man so tainted with corruption, with a wife who is said to be a member of the antiwar Women in Black, a radical left-wing lesbian for a daughter who is an anti-security-fence activist for Machsom Watch, a son living in the US who supports the Yesh Gvul movement for soldiers to disobey their orders, and another son who refuses to serve in the army …. isn’t it the sickest of ‘miracles’ that such a person ever got to the top position in the state of Israel?

Come on Mr. Olmert … hasn’t the Good Lord sent you enough miracles?

One prays He knew what He was doing … because we mortals haven’t the faintest idea why on earth such an embarrassing calumny should ever have befallen our people and our state.


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