June 26, 2008

What about the kid ?

Letter to the JEWISH NEWS

Charlie Wolf lauds the Gaza truce as a good deal for Israel which he claims has arisen from Israel's demonstration of 'power and the projection of power'. That this analysis is so far removed from reality proves the effectiveness of the 'smoke and mirrors' that keeps the utterly discredited Ehud Olmert in power.

Hamas has effectively said: 'We'll stop rocketing Sderot if you send us fuel and food and give us enough time to rest and stock up our arsenal. We'll let you know when we're ready for the next round … with a new barrage of Kassams.'

Is Schalit in the deal? No.
Will the arms smuggling stop?
Hell no … in fact it can now be continued overground - just as it does under the noses of UNIFIL in Lebanon, without risk of intervention by the air force so long as we - the good guys - are keeping our part of the truce.

And as for Charlie's 'power and hardball' thing … what's that all about?
Where has Israel projected power and deterrence lately?
In the surrender of Gaza and the uprooting of 8,000 Jews from their homes?
In the spectre of burning synagogues reminiscent of Kristallnacht?
In turning the other cheek to 9 out of 10 Kassam rocket attacks, with the 10th meriting a raid on empty Gaza office buildings?
What's intimidating about writing out million-dollar cheques to Abu Mazen and shipping him ammunition and armoured jeeps?

And then there is Olmert's ceaseless prattle about 'painful concessions' in giving up the West Bank and parts of Jerusalem. And saying that people are 'delusional to think that Jews may retain anything beyond the pre-'67 borders'. Is this a demonstration of power? It sounds more like a unilateral surrender of Jewish rights to the land of Israel. And what of Olmerts' profligate, and obscenely one-sided, offerings to free Arab terrorists? Is this a sign of strength? Bereaved families would say it was an insult to the memories of their loved ones and a devaluation of Jewish blood to almost nil.

The truth is that Israel has not demonstrated its strength and resolve in Gaza since the Spring of 2004 when Sharon's air strikes dispatched Hamas' spiritual leader Sheikh Yassin to his 70 virgins, quickly followed by his commander-in-chief Rantisi in just as many little pieces. That had them running for cover, instead of the rocket launchers. Since then, it has been kid gloves at best or outright appeasement at its worst.

Were it not so tragic for the Shalit family and all those who long for 'the spirit of Entebbe', the deal with Hamas would be reminiscent of Woody Allen's stand-up piece about being kidnapped as a kid. It went something like this:

The FBI surround the house: "Throw the kid out,", they say, "give us your guns, and come out with your hands up."
The kidnappers say "We'll throw the kid out, but let us keep our guns, and get to our car."

The FBI says "Throw the kid out, we'll let you get to your car, but give us your guns."

The kidnappers say "We'll throw the kid out, but let us keep our guns - we don't have to get to our car."

The FBI says "Keep the kid."

Get real Charlie.
The only side which is playing 'hardball' is the enemy.
And they are playing for keeps.

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