June 24, 2008

Wrong Signal

In an act of crass insensitivity to the Goldwasser and Regev families, Ehud Olmert asks the military Chief Rabbi to determine whether the two kidnapped soldiers may officially be declared dead.

In stark contrast, he still refuses to allow the Israeli public to determine that his government may also officially be declared dead.

Olmert's request of the army rabbi goes to the core of his skewed handling of Israel's strategy throughout all the negotiations which followed the Second Lebanon War and the current sellout to Hamas and Hezbollah.

It comes down to this:
We either believe in our legitimate right to the land or not.
If we believe - we must look and act as if we believe.
That is inconsistent with unilateral surrender of territory and endless prattle about 'painful concessions' to imaginary 'peace partners' who have neither the means or the will to deliver anything in return but more demands.
That kind of posture acknowledges that we shall accept whatever the enemy is prepared to give us. A pre-'67 state called Israel, but devoid of its Jewish heart in Jerusalem and without freedom of access to its biblical heritage in Hebron, Judea and Samaria.

The same goes for the kidnapped soldiers.
From 'Day One' the Olmert government needed to hold Hezbollah responsible for the lives and safety of these men.
By making this untimely request of the army chief rabbi, Olmert has given all that up.
Signalling that he is prepared to accept whatever Hezbollah will give him.

Dead bodies.
Like a dead state.

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