September 18, 2008

Enfranchising the Jihad

For all the appeasement, concessions, giveaways and surrenders we have seen under Olmert’s weak and corrupt premiership, September 17th 2008 will probably be the date Jewish historians will mark as the most significant.

This is the day a prime minister of Israel was elected by the Arabs. In particular by a terrorist organisation Fatah - which worked so hard to boost the Livni vote in the final stages.

  • Give them ID cards and they will drive bombers into our town centers.

  • Give them jobs in yeshivas and they will return at night to butcher our students.

  • Give them jobs on a building site and they will run tractors over our women and children.

  • Give them prisoners and they will give us dead bodies.

And unless there is legislation to demand a 2/3rd’s Knesset majority for any territorial concessions, you may soon see half of Jerusalem gifted to the Jihad on the casting vote of a single Arab MK.


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