September 17, 2008

Livni's Betrayal

Most parents would be immensly proud of a daughter who rose to become leader of the country's ruling party and likely prime minister.

Chances are that Tzipi Livni's parents will not be popping whatever goes for champagne corks in heaven tonight over her victory in the Kadima primary.

Eitan and Sara were valiant fighters of the Irgun resistance, without whose efforts the British might still be in control of Palestine and the Jewish State would still be a dream. They must have glowed when Israeli troops captured Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria in 1967.

And they must have glowered to see their own daughter offering it all back to the unrepentant offspring of the Arab thugs they fought in 1948. They would have balked to see her supporting a Palestinian State in the Land of Israel. And will have been sickened by the way Tzipi has so casually abandoned the Zionist and Betari principles for which they, her parents, would have given up their lives rather than betray in their own lifetimes.

How sad that a child of these brave Irgun fighters may wind up actually giving away more of the Land of Israel than Yossi Beilin even dared talk about.


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