December 14, 2008

How to blow 100 million ....

Last week the geniuses of Kadima shipped 100 million shekels in hard cash into Gaza to prevent the collapse of the Hamas banking system.

It seems that the billions in US and EU aid have either gone missing or is not sufficient as the biggest amount of foreign aid per in the history of the world.

I don't know what Ehud Barak thought he was going to get in return for this money.
Perhaps some goodwill from the West?

Well, this is the Sunday Times headline he got in return:
"Gaza families eat grass as Israel locks border".

What a waste of 100 million.
And still, the morally bankrupt and utterly useless leadership of Israel will send their blue JNF boxes and bond salesmen around the world collecting funds for the welfare of the Jewish State.

When will they learn that no amount of good deeds or money will ever, ever, ever bring the world to like Israel. It will always be cast as the world's pariah. The weaker and more submissive Israel becomes, the less she is respected in the world. On only two occasions has Israel been held in high esteem by the world ... and by the Jews of America, 90 percent of whom have never visited the Jewish state and 50 percent polled nonchalance if Israel ceased to exist. Those occasions were the 6-Day War and the Entebbe hostage rescue. On both occasions Israel showed its strength and determination to defend its state and its people.

The Oslo 'peace' treaty was suicide for Israel.
Kadima turned out to be its auto-immune disease.
It is a creeping dementia which each day produces a more absurd policy than the day before.

February's election will not be coming a day too soon.


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