December 23, 2008

Israel's Christmas Pantomime

Is it just me? Or do you also find the antics of the Israeli election campaigners truly pathetic?

What’s left of the stillborn ‘Jewish Home’ party morphing into unelectable splinters Likud list members being pushed down the slate and suing the leadership in the High Court. Now Kadima with T-shirts saying “Believeni” and a skinheaded poster rapper called “Livni Boy”.

You would think they were running for the Christmas pantomime rather than custody of the Jewish state and the job of protecting our people from the next Holocaust at the hands of Iran, Syria, Hizbullah, Hamas and Al Qaeda with all the Russian help they can get hold of.

After Olmert’s miserable term of weakness, vacillation and corruption we were all hoping for something better.

It only looks worse from here.

Heaven help us.


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