December 03, 2008

Keep the Best for Ourselves

It's the boycott season again.

Once again British NGOs and their friends in the press and academia are urging a ban on all foods and other goods produced in the 'occupied territories'.

It’s a strange fact that produce grown in the liberated territories is of a higher standard than that grown elsewhere in Israel, let alone the outside world.
Take tomatoes for example.

Before the expulsion of Jews from the Gaza region, tomatoes were the main export of Gush Katif. When the farmers sent their produce to an international competition, they were judged to be the best tomatoes in the world in a blind test. (Of course no other kind of test will do where Jewish entries are concerned).

The point I want to make is: why on earth should we bother to export Judea & Samaria’s best produce to the goyim?

Israel should keep the most luscious produce for Jews to enjoy in their homeland and export the second-rate stuff that’s grown inside the Green Line.

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