January 11, 2009

Annie Lennox

I have to admit, I had no idea who Annie Lennox was before hearing of her appearance as some sort of celebrity at the anti-Israel demonstration she led with George Galloway in London yesterday.

She's since made a statement to fans on her Facebook site that she's not anti-Israel, blah, blah...

Here's the response I've posted on her site:

I wonder where people like you were when my grandparents were murdered with 6 million of their brothers, sisters and children by the Nazis????

That wasn't a two week "outrage", but one that lasted 6 years.

And where were you for Darfur?

Or Szebrenica?

Or Tibet?

The only explanation is that you're just a plain and simple anti-Semite.

And, in bashing Israel, you and your rabid 'rent-a-crowd' of useful idiots have simply found a politically-acceptable way to vent your plain and simple racism.

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