January 08, 2009

Last Night's Gaza Demo in London

Message to the Useful Idiots helping our new Jihadist 'Englishmen' (the bitter harvest of multiculturalism!!):

Clearly you delight in your freedom of speech and the right to publicly protest in this country.

The only reason you are free to do so is because our parents and grandparents confronted Hitler's tyranny 70 years ago.

People like you would clearly have been demonstrating against Churchill in the 1940's, for his bombing of Dresden (carried out, incidentally, in retaliation for a lot less than the 6,500 rocket attacks on little Israel).

You should consider yourself very fortunate that your useful idiot forbears in WW2 did not prevail, otherwise your placards last night might well have been written in German (if, that is, you had been allowed out to demo after Gestapo curfew).

Now the good guys ....

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