January 20, 2009

Stop Dissing Bush !

The adulation of the untested Obama is matched only by the dissing of George W Bush whom the Intelligentsia like to brand as the Village Idiot.

Until we actually see the new president in action, we can only speculate on his approach to the world's problems. A useful guide is to note the company he keeps.

Jimmy Carter is one of his closest advisors, particularly when it comes to the Middle East.

It's therefore useful to remember Carter's last day in office as president in 1981. Here he is sitting in the Oval Office waiting on a call from the mullahs in Teheran which he hoped would announce the release of 52 US embassy staff who had been held hostage for 444 days.

On the last day of his presidency Bush waits for no phone calls. He celebrates the handover of power to his successor in Washington knowing that he has had the guts to do what Carter couldn't do.

To take the war to the terrorists and take out the tyrants.

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