February 16, 2009

Israel - Get Real

Today's news from Israel suggests that the impasse over the tied election result may lead to a neutral party being asked to intervene in helping form a unity government; perhaps some say, Barack Obama.

How sick is this !

When - oh when - will we start acting like a sovereign Jewish state, rather than a vassal of the US?

We are not New Jersey, Puerto Rico or Hawaii.

We need to start looking and acting as if we can do our own thing - even if it turns out sometimes to be the wrong decision.

Has America not made its own mistakes?
Like electing a socialist, pacifist president with an agenda of appeasement whose first act has been to pass a trillion dollar bailout plan which he apparently hasn't had the time to read through?

Until and unless Israel is prepared to act decisively in its own national interest - instead of always reacting to US, EU or Palestinian pressures - the Jewish state will never be taken seriously at any level.
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