March 17, 2009

Go South Mr Solana !

Without yet having formed a viable coalition for his new government of Israel, Netanyahu is already being threatened by the EU that they will no longer be ‘Mr Nice Guy’ if he fails to make a commitment to a Palestinian state within Israel’s borders.

"Let me say very clearly that the way the European Union will relate to a government that is not committed to a two-state solution will be very, very different," says its foreign affairs secretary Javier Solana.

With its reckless funding of Gaza terrorists, ‘engagement’ with Hamas and Hezbolla, tolerance of anti-Israel boycotts and hypocritical censure of the security fence and any other measures take to protect Jewish citizens, it’s hard to imagine what the EU could be doing do make things much worse.

Solana has been the EU’s foreign policy chief for 10 years and is the main architect of the stalled ‘Road Map’ peace plan. One would have thought after all this time and exposure to the cut and thrust of the conflict, Solana would have understood exactly why Jewish citizens of Israel have fears about committing to a Palestinian State sandwiching a quarter of its population to within 9 miles of the Mediterranean Sea.

It’s not that Jews are reluctant to sign a peace agreement and cede territory. By far the most maddening thing for me has been the endless prattle by leaders like Olmert about how much land and ‘painful concessions’ they are prepared to offer just for that illusion of peace.

And it is truly nothing more than an illusion. We have seen what our unilateral withdrawal and the voluntary uprooting of 8,000 residents of Gush Katif have brought us: no less than 4,000 rockets launched from Gaza since we left. An average of 3 rocket attacks per day over a period of three and a half years!

These rockets continue to be launched by the same Hamas that Mr Solana and his EU comrades seek to ‘engage’ with. The same Hamas that continues to enrich and arm itself with the billions in EU funds sent in open checks to Gaza . The same Hamas that wants only a one-state solution and insists that it will never ever recognise the Jewish State.

Most significantly, it’s the Hamas that drove out Mahmoud Abbas and his ‘moderate’ Fatah from Gaza in a fest of violence and butchery.

Does not Mr Solana realise, that by empowering Hamas with recognition, funds and ‘engagement’, he works only to ensure that the Quartet’s only legitimate ‘peace partners’ Abbas and Fatah are doomed to be gunned out of the West Bank as well?

So, wow can he possibly expect Israelis to cede yet more territory so perilously close to its vital arteries, when the terrorists his EU emboldens and enriches are so certain and utterly committed to repeat the Gaza operation and fill the vacuum with another Iranian rocket base?

So Mr Solana: you wanna make things ‘very very different’ for Israel?

Go talk to some Israelis in Sderot and other Negev towns.
Or, better still; spend the night in one of their bomb shelters.

You’ll probably learn more in that one night than in the 10 years you’ve wasted conducting a no-string Quartet from Brussels.

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