March 24, 2009

When time is no healer

Last night I watched the History Channel’s latest documentary on 9/11: “102 Minutes That Changed America

It’s a collection of private videos shot by news cameramen and ordinary citizens on that fateful morning.

It was a timely reminder of the emotions of horror which quickly turned to outrage that Islamists would commit such a cowardly and heinous act of mass murder on ordinary citizens in one of the most densely-packed cities of the world.

They say: time is the great healer.
And after 8 years America seems indeed to have gotten over the outrage and the anger of 9/11.

The Palestinians who danced in the streets that night, giving out sweets, have been showered with billions in US aid and promises of their own state despite the 9/11-type attacks they’ve continued to range against Israel for every one of those 8 years.

The Islamist’s penitentiary at Guantanamo Bay is to be closed by Obama on the grounds that it is a violation of their human rights.

The non-injurious but highly effective interrogation method of waterboarding, which could prevent the next 9/11 catastrophe, has been banned, again on an issue of human rights.

The self-confessed planner of the 9/11 attacks, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, is not being allowed to plead guilty.

And the Taliban who hosted Bin Laden whilst he planned and gloated over the 9/11 atrocity are now being ‘engaged’ by the Obama administration as are the Iranians who fund every terror venture in the world and Hamas and Hezbullah who act as their proxies of plausible deniability.

This is healing?
Far from it !
This is nothing more than inviting more of the same.

Last week Obama further cheapened the office of president by appearing on the Jay Leno chat show. As surely as ‘pride goeth before a fall’ he made a well-deserved gaffe in poking fun against paraplegics in reference to his poor score in the White House bowling alley.

Obama would serve the free world a lot better by spending his free nights in the White House movie theatre rather than the bowling alley.

They should play him 9/11movies AGAIN AND AGAIN until reality finally gets through.

These people are unlike any enemy the world has ever faced.
And they are probably the last enemy we will ever face.
Unless we start taking them seriously.


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