May 24, 2009

Russia's Mixed Messages

The following news items appeared on the same page of an Israeli newspaper today:

Israel to speed up Russia's UAV order

Russian FM praises ties with Hamas

Proof positive that whatever you and I get to hear or read about in the news, has very little to do with what's really going on, where it counts.

Where Russia is concerned, I can only go back to the campaign I joined to prevent Olmert's giveaway of Jerusalem's Sergei Square to Putin. There seemed to be no logic whilst Putin was the main supplier of Iran's nuclear installations and the means to protect them from Israeli attack.

The Legal Forum for the Land of Israel bravely fought this move through the courts. I was told that on the last day, the government lawyer asked the judge to clear the court, whispered some matters of national security into the judge's ear and the case was closed.

Against that background, this morning's conflicting headlines speak volumes.

Whatever the back-channel is doing, let's hope it's for the best.

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