August 16, 2009

From JC to NF

The Jewish Chronicle called me last week in my capacity as chairman of Likud-Herut in the UK. They were asking me and other community leaders what we would tell Israeli PM Netanyahu if we had the opportunity to put ‘a word in his ear’ during his upcoming visit to Britain.

They printed my following response on their front page, along with some choice quotes from other (mostly left-leaning) community leaders:

I said: “Neither Britain nor the EU has any moral authority to tell you and
Israel how to run its defence and other matters. I live in Britain and we’re in
a complete mess. But Israel’s economy and stock market are doing well. Not a
single bank has collapsed. Every day I read about new medical discoveries, so
you should not pay too much attention to the likes of Mr Miliband and the other
EU leaders. You should keep doing what is in the best interests of Israel and
its people

It didn’t take long for the fascists to seize on this. The white supremacist ‘Stormfront’ blog thought I was typical of ungrateful Jews dissing the host countries in which they’ve thrived.

So, let me say: I’m not ungrateful. Quite to the contrary. It’s because I genuinely care for the country which took my parents in as refugees from Nazi Europe that I am so terribly sad to see it fall from grace and decline into such a complete mess.

It has lost much of its national identity, sovereignty and prestige to the monolithic bureaucracy of the EU. All that seems to be left is the pound sterling … and that won’t last very much longer either. The EU apparatchiks who keep pumping out daft statutes every other month are of the same ilk as our home-grown busybodies who have bankrupted the National Health Service with the burden of employing as many bean-counters and rule-makers as there are nurses and doctors. They’ve paralysed the police service with political correctness and paperwork and turned our local councils into a laughingstock with their strict policing of garbage bins.

These are the same nitwits who pressed for the lifting of restrictions on pub opening times resulting in Britain having the highest rate of youth drunkenness in Europe. We also have the highest rate of unwanted teenage pregnancies. And our immigration and border controls are in such a mess that the last interlopers hitched a ride from Calais on a Home Office vehicle.

All this taken together brings the assurance of an explosion in crime in the UK. And without a single spare jail cell in the country, all the government can do is let villains back on the streets and to fake the crime figures, year after year.

Our own mother of parliaments has seen its most successful and longest-serving prime minister of modern times literally hounded out of office in the middle of his 3rd term by a treacherous cabal of Labour MPs salivating for high office as a reward for promoting brooding George Brown to the premiership. The resulting motley ministerial line-up in Brown’s cabinet is simply too embarrassing to look at. Take the now disgraced and ousted frump Jacqui Smith and compare her to former Home Secretaries like Willie Whitelaw, Roy Jenkins, Jim Callaghan, Merlin Rees and Reggie Maudling and you can see just how steeply the standards in high offices of state have nosedived.

But for me, worst of all, was to see returning British soldiers being spat at and abused by a bunch of Jihadist immigrants in Luton. And then being protected by the police in doing so. These are the same police who were chased down Pall Mall by a rabid mob of ranting Islamists demonstrating against someone’s war on their terror.

This is not about racism or xenophobia. It’s about simple decency. It’s about right and wrong. And if our laws – or those that have been thrust upon us by the EU - prevent us from doing what’s right and decent, then Britain has simply lost the plot.

So, yes – it’s in a mess.

And nobody’s sorrier than I am.

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