September 11, 2009

9-11 after 8 years

Another year - another anniversary of the greatest terrorist outrage in history.

After 8 years, we still wait for an apology from the Muslim world for what was done in the name of their prophet.

Or at least a speech of condemnation from ANY major Muslim cleric.

To the best of my knowledge, we have heard neither.

Instead it is America who apologises to the Muslim world.

To the Saudis, who provided 11 out of the 19 hijackers, Obama bows in homage.

To the Palestinians, who celebrated the 2,974 deaths with street parties and sweets, America and Europe has never ceased doling out tens of millions in cash.

And to he rest of the Arab world which celebrated 9-11 in their own special ways, Obama reaches out in peaceful engagement whilst acknowledging the tremendous contributions they have made to mankind.

There's no better way to dishonor the memory of the victims of 9-11 and to absolutely assure the free world of 'more of the same' to come.



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