September 26, 2009

9-23 : Another NY Tower Hit by Islamists

In a week which saw multiple arrests of terror suspects in New York, it emerges that Islamists once again tried to bring down another of Manhattan’s high-rise buildings.

The 39-storey UN edifice was slammed twice.

The first blast came from Libyan strongman Muammar Gaddafi. During a 90-minute tirade the ranting robed Bedouin slammed the place as a ‘terror council’ tearing up a copy of the UN charter and throwing it at the podium.

But it was the second attack, by Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, which sent most delegates fleeing for the exits.
Others stayed put for the entire 35-minute tirade of scorn and bigoted rhetoric.
These included Scandinavians, New Zealanders, Greeks and Mexicans – people who haven’t experienced Islamic terror
before and think it only happens to 'other countries'.

This double whammy swayed an already sagging structure which was found years ago to have been built on double standards.

The fire department was summoned. First on the scene was Benjamin Netanyahu, from Jacob’s Ladder 48. He quickly diagnosed a major structural fault and appealed to members to look urgently for the original plans on which the UN was built.

Only by understanding the designs of the original builders, he said, could the structural integrity of this edifice possibly be saved before it was too late.


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