September 13, 2009

All the news that's fit to print ...

Time was that journalists used to risk their lives for a story.

Stephen Farrell is one of those who risks other people's lives for a story.

Seems like a waste when you are working for the New York Times, which is not a newpaper interested in the truth - only in the news that it sees fit to print.

This is how the New York Times reported their man's rescue from Taliban kidnappers in Afghanistan:

“Stephen Farrell is a New York Times reporter who was kidnapped by militants in northern Afghanistan on Sept. 5, 2009. He was rescued in a military commando raid four days later, but his Afghan interpreter was killed during the rescue effort.”

Significantly, no mention of the British soldier who also died in the operation to save their man; 29 year-old Corporal John Harrison.

But then again, that's the New York Times !

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