November 07, 2009

Fort Hood

Obama should apologize to the Hasan family on behalf of the US military for hurting Malik's feelings and driving him to this terrible deed.

The President - between bows to Saudi Arabian despots - has assured us that Islam is a religion of peace whose people share the values we hold dear in the West. What better example than the events at Fort Hood?

I'm sure that CAIR will provide a top lawyer to get compensation for Mr Hasan's loss of earnings while hospitalised and unable to work through later disability.

The policewoman who shot him down should also be sued. Hers was an overreaction and a blatant case of racial profiling.

This incident only goes to show how vitally important it is for the Obama administration to continue to stay totally focused on Israeli settlements which are so obviously the root cause of what happened at Ft Hood.

Just like after 9-11, I will eagerly await speeches from the world's leading Muslim clerics and rulers of Arabia condemning this act of butchery without reservation.

So far it's been 8 years waiting.



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