November 27, 2009

Tarnishing the Shield

The Lord Rothschild
House of Lords

London, SW1

26th November 2009

Dear Lord Rothschild,

I mean no personal disrespect to you but feel impelled to write and express my outrage at the sullying of the illustrious Rothschild name and lineage by your son’s association with the Gadaffi family.

As a Jew and a committed Zionist I have always been aware and immensely proud of the achievements of the Rothschild dynasty and its contribution to my people and its state.

But to see the next generation openly socialising with such rabidly anti-Semitic and murderous despots truly sickens me. For our people, no amount of commercial profit or dividend can possibly justify such associations.

By what right does young Nat presume to trample and trash a reputation built up over centuries of professional excellence and communal endowment?

It truly saddens me to the core.

I hope you share the same sentiment … and perhaps enough shame to do something about it.


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