April 23, 2010

A Mountain Sneezed ...

Leaving aside the massive toll on people and businesses, the events of last week should be an inspiration to all of us. Somewhere in the northern reaches of the planet, a mountain sneezed … and an entire continent was brought to a standstill. Not since the terror attacks of 9-11 have the skies been emptied so dramatically and millions left stranded away from home.

But unlike 9-11, none of the losses or damage will ever be recoverable from insurers. This is because this event is classified as: an ‘Act of G-d’.

What a farcical thought! That in an era of such determined secular erasure of the word ‘G-d’ from our national life and institutions, and within a zeitgeist of Darwin and Dawkins, G-d happens to be still ‘alive and well’ - at least in the insurance business. Or, to put it another way: if to avoid a billion-dollar claim from the airlines I need to believe in G-d … ‘call me a Rabbi’.

Nowhere is the effacement of god themes more active and corrosive than in the world of academia. And yet it’s from British academics that we always see the strongest support for boycotts against Israel. There is nothing more unholy and hypocritical than their support of jihadists whose fanaticism is rooted in the suppression of personal liberty and all forms of enlightenment.

That the impressionable minds of our youngsters are so constantly exposed to the godless and nihilist dogma of extremist professors is terribly worrying. Academia also happens to be the birthplace of ‘global warming’ … a fraud of global proportions which has enriched its proponents with billions in research grants. But all the faked data stacked up to the ceiling does not even come close to the sheer arrogance of presuming that changes to the Creator’s universe, with all its checks and balances, can possibly be ‘man-made’.

How fitting therefore that the Creator's wake-up call should be ‘middah keneged middah’; the biblical expression for 'measure for measure'. A mountain sneezed. Was that a man-made disaster? Did any of you geniuses predict that half the world would come to a standstill? That the best laid plans of tens of millions of people would come to nought? Even President Obama - who seems to think he is G-d - was robbed of his vital photo-op in Poland; one which he desperately needed to atone for his cowardly abandonment of their missile shield.

There is a simple distinction between them and us: what they call nature, we call creation. This has been an unusual event, by any standards. But recently there have been a great many earthquakes too – none of which any of these eggheads were able to predict. In fact, the only reliable predictors of earthquakes have been shown to be animals, by their erratic behaviour, hours and sometimes days prior to the event.

But then again – that’s only nature.


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