May 02, 2010

UK Election Footnote

They plotted a coup to overthrow their most popular leader in recent times - Tony Blair had won them 3 elections.

His only crime: to take sides with George Bush in pursuing the evil murdering Saddam to the gallows.

They ganged up on Blair as if he were a bigger monster than Saddam. They enlisted the hordes of useless idiots carrying placards of "Not in My Name" and "B-LIAR" .

The plotters succeeded - in the mother of all parliaments. They installed their own motley crew of Ed Balls, the Milliband brothers, Jacqui Smith (probably the biggest joke of a home secretary!) and finally ennobled the utterly nauseating Peter Mandelson to act as ventriloquist to Gordon Brown's dummy.

What a delicious irony it is therefore to see them having to roll out Tony Blair in a last desperate effort to support their doomed campaign for re-election.

These were cheats and scoundrels.

Good riddance to the lot of them !



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