June 10, 2010

Taliban hangs 7-year-old boy for spying !

Can someone explain why it is that in Western Europe with its free press and multiple TV and cable news channels, the only place you will find this egregious story is on an obscure news blog?  

Lashkargah, 9 June (AKI): Taliban fighters have hanged a seven-year-old boy, claiming he was passing information to foreign soldiers in the volatile southern province of Helmand, the governor's spokesman, Daud Ahmadi, told Pajhwok Afghan News.

The child's shocking murder took place in the Sarwan Qala area of Sangin district late on Tuesday. The boy, whose name was not immediately known, was abducted from the village of Heratyan, Ahmadi said

Along with their Iranian sponsors, these Taliban are the people President Obama seeks to 'engage' in dialog - whilst 'kicking the asses' of softer targets like BP, Israel, Wall Street bankers etc.

Besides, what does this term 'engage' really mean?
You 'engage' gears - like first second or third.
And if you 'engage' reverse gear ... you go backwards.
Which is exactly where the Taliban want to take the world.
Back to the stone age.


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