September 21, 2010

A Photoshopped Piece Process

By his effusive grandstanding of Netanyahu's last visit to Washington, President Obama may have tried to make amends for his disgraceful snub delivered at their first White House meeting. But most Jews will not have been fooled by this spin job. 

The UK peer Lord Janner once remarked on a radio programme that his late father - Sir Barnett Janner - used to say: you cannot always see antisemitism but you can usually smell it.

So, what brings me to recall this today?

Well, today's headline in the Israeli press is that the Obama administration feels that Netanyahu's 10-month settlement freeze has been so important to the peace talks that the Quartet is to pressure Netanyahu to extend it. 

Let's remember that our supposed peace partner - Mr Abbas - spent the first 8 months of the freeze up a tree, hoping that Obama would follow up his snub with ever more crippling pressure on Israel for unilateral concessions.

Obama may be a total naif on Jewish history, but he does know perfectly well that an extension of the current freeze would create a coalition crisis for Netanyahu and probably bring down his government.  But surely that has been his gameplan all along; most likely scripted by Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel and SecState Hillary Clinton - neither of whom are said to have have much affinity for Netanyahu.

So, having been pressured by the Jewish lobby to make amends for appearing to push Netanyahu out of the back door of the White House, like so much garbage, Obama goes for the bolder 'Plan B' ...  to push Netanyahu out of his own prime ministerial residence.

Which makes this whole peace process look just about as genuine as this picture of Mubarak walking in front of Obama and the other summiteers, as photoshopped by an Egyptian newspaper last week.

We have always joked that the Arabs are not into any peace process but a 'piece' process ... to eradicate the Jewish 'entity' by pieces.  After the British gifted half of the mandated Jewish homeland to the Hashmites, we gave back the Sinai and Gaza and have given up vast sections of Judea & Samaria (a.k.a the West Bank) for vitually nothing in return.  This salami-slicing will continue until we have leaders brave enough to say: enough!

Let's hope Bibi finds it within himself to say this to Obama and his Quartet.

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