November 05, 2010

Universal Injustice

UK foreign secretary William Hague says it will take a year to change the law preventing Palestinian groups from exploiting ‘Universal Justice’ to deny Israelis normal access to the UK without risk of prosecution for war crimes.

This has upset Israel which has threatened to withdraw its security co-operation with the UK intelligence agencies if this reform is delayed any longer. Quite right – why should Israel compromise her own intelligence sources to assist a country which allows such juris-prejudice to prevail almost exclusively against Israeli tourists and businessmen?

However Israel has to understand that all legislation takes more time now in England. All legislation begins in the House of Commons. Then it has to be passed by the upper House of Lords. But before it's signed off by the Queen, they have to run it by the Sharia High Council.

So, Israel needs to be patient and understanding of Britain's multi-cultural necessities.

The UK is a shining light in this regard. No other country has so totally abandoned its national identity, statehood, and border security to promote harmony with Islam. It does so in recognition of Islamic loyalty to the Crown, support of British troops in Iraq and their enormous contribution to airline security.

After all, without Islam just about anyone could get on a plane without having to strip for X-rays and surrender their drinks.

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