December 04, 2010

FIFA most foul ...

Poor old England !

Its bid to host the 2018 world cup was clean, fair and probably the best for the game in terms of facilities and stadiums. Having not hosted for nearly 50 years, it was perhaps long overdue.

None less than the Prime Minister and Crown Prince of England travelled to FIFA’s Swiss headquarters along with football star David Beckham to lobby for support. They got smiles, handshakes and promises of support in the upcoming ‘secret ballot’.

In the end, England got just TWO votes.

And one of them was from its own delegate.

The winner was Russia – an icon of treachery and corruption.

The runner-up is Qatar to host the subsequent games in 2022.

England cried FOUL !

Fans now condemn the world body as nothing but an unelected club of lying, two-faced, double-dealing, corrupt delegates who are as easily bought by Arab oil as they are intimidated by brutal dictators.

Perhaps the British will now understand how Israel has felt at the hands of the UN for half a century.

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