December 05, 2010


Obama’s last-minute rush to settle tax rates before December 31st is very instructive for us.
He’s had the best part of a year to get this sorted, but did nothing … until the very last minute.

Similarly when his commander of the Afghan campaign asked for a surge of 40,000 troops, he sat on the report for 5 months before making a decision to send 10,000 less troops  ( … and then to idiotically  tell the Taliban when those troops would be withdrawn!)  

This is a man who’s happy to procrastinate while everyone else suffers … soldiers without reinforcements and businessmen unable to make decisions without a clear tax policy.

No wonder Obama has so much time for PLO chairman, Mahmoud Abbas.
They share the same management style.

To kick-start genuine peace negotiations, Israel voluntarily froze all Jewish construction in the disputed territories for a period of 10 months.  Abbas did nothing for all of those 10 months. For all of that time, hundreds of Israeli families were forced to languish in temporary accommodation, having committed to sell their former homes and in some cases paying two mortgages.

In Obama’s case, it’s pure procrastination and the devil may care for the plight of his troops and taxpayers.

In the case of Abbas, not even 10 years will be sufficient to commit him to genuine peace negotiations.  He is nothing but the Duracell Bunny of the Muslim Brotherhood. And the moment he even thinks of acknowledging the legitimacy of the Jewish State (within any borders) his batteries will be pulled out.


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