December 12, 2010

Swedish Karma

Yesterday’s suicide bombing in Stockholm is an important marker on the slippery slope of Sweden’s decline into dhimmitude under Islam.

Other markers include the attacks on Jews in Malmo which the city mayor and Swedish government showed no interest in abating.

But let's not forget another important marker.

Six years ago the same city of Stockholm lauded suicide terrorism when its Museum of Antiquities hosted an exhibit called ‘Snow White’. It comprised a photo of a female Palestinian suicide bomber floating in a pool of blood.

That bomber was Hanani Jadarat, who had blown up a Haifa restaurant a few months earlier killing 21 people and wounding 51. The Israeli ambassador to Sweden famously ransacked this obscenity, after which the authorities allowed it to be rebuilt to receive ever more admiring visits.

Those who fail to confront terrorism - let alone turn it into some cultural curio – are doomed to fall victim to it sooner or later.

Through uncontrolled Muslim immigration Sweden has ‘made its own bed’ and now has to sleep in it. The comments of Pat Condell in this Vlog aired just weeks before yesterday’s bombing are instructive.

The Swedish people are captives in their own land, fearing the next attack or uprising by their ‘visitors’. Doubtless the Swedish government will dismiss this bombing as the work of a few crazies and will further cajole the local imams in hopes that they will order their followers to be nicer to their Swedish hosts in the future.

In psychology there is a special name for this irrational behaviour.

It’s called ‘Stockholm Syndrome’.

[See also 2004 posting: A Bad Case of Stockholm]


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