January 12, 2011

Fox gives Dupnick a 'D'

The entire US media seems to be engaged in the ‘politicisation’ of last week’s shooting of Arizona Congresswoman Gaby Giffords in which 6 others lost their lives. Whilst this was clearly the act of a mentally deranged gunman, the New York Times leads the charge in blaming all of this on ‘incitement’ by the Tea Party and its supporters on the Right.

But let’s not forget that the FIRST person to politicise this tragedy was the county sheriff, Clarence Dupnik. His job is supposed to be to secure the crime scene and gather whatever evidence is necessary to assist in the eventual conviction of the deranged shooter. Instead, he has not stopped abusing his position at each and every press conference and TV interview to mouth off his liberal left-wing prejudices.

How Freudian therefore that Fox News Channel captioned this errant lawman as (D) – Democrat - on today’s O’Reilly show.

Dupnik disgraces the victims of this tragedy and should be fired.


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