March 22, 2011

Israeli Apartheid

Israel's former president Moshe Katsav was this morning sentenced to 7 years imprisonment on charges of rape and sexual harassment of former work colleagues.

Passing sentence, Judge George Karra said:

"Katsav's high rank can't be taken to his credit, on the contrary it makes his acts more severe," Karra said. "The higher the rank, the greater the dissapointment," he added.

"It is Katsav's high rank that makes this case unique, not the crimes themselves," the judge said.

Judge Karra is an Israeli Arab.

You see, in Israel an Arab may indict and imprison even a Jewish president.

When could a Jew even hand out a parking ticket in Arabia?

I have been saying for many months now in groups and public meetings that this should finally nail the bigoted canard of "Israeli apartheid".

I am glad this has now been picked up by others, including ElderOfZion which has added Karra to its Gallery of Apartheid Click Here )


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