April 08, 2011

Sorry seems to be the hardest word

NATO today refused to apologise for the accidental bombing of a Libyan rebel column which left some 12 people dead and many others wounded.  This is not the first accident in this campaign and is unlikely to be the last.

No-one knows when this ill-concieved campaign will end. But when the civilian bodycount is finally tallied, I bet it will far exceed the 295 Arab non-combatants killed in Gaza during Israel's operation Cast Lead.

To the best of my knowledge, Israel apologised for all its accidents - and even those it turned out they did not commit. Such as the alleged shelling of the UN School which was debunked as a fabrication some time later. 

And when the collateral damage in Libya is found to exceed that of Israel's campaign in Gaza, let our detractors not forget that unlike Libya's vast territory of 700,000 square miles, Israel's defense forces were operating in a confined strip of less than 150 square miles, within which Hamas terrorists were using civilians as human shields and using the main hospital as their base of military operations.

And WE are the ones to apologise?

No army compares to ours in most ways, but least of all in moral code.

And ours is better looking too.

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