July 17, 2011

The REAL News of the World

Guardian Newspaper Photo

The scale of the News of the World hacking scandal, like major earthquakes, is measured both by the initial shockwave and the severity of aftershocks.  In this case those aftershocks are a staccato of resignations and arrests which seem far from over.

In one of the Superman movies, the devilish Lex Luther contrives a plan to set off nuclear explosives in the San Andreas fault and trigger an earthquake which would sink half of California in the Pacific and leave the remaining part all owned by Luther.

So who are the Lex Luthers in this story?
Who are the puppeteers?

Let’s go back to the big issues which are being eclipsed by all this brouhaha over Murdoch, Brooks, Coulson, the police and the prime minister.

In today’s Britain crime & punishment are upside down ... killers have more rights than victims.
Our borders are a complete joke.
We cannot deport airplane hijackers - but instead are forced to keep them here on housing benefit.
The Church of England says nothing as innocent Christians are wantonly tortured and slaughtered by Muslims.
We know that the EU and its currency are a complete failure and yet our leaders seem unable or unwilling to get us out.
Our navy and air forces are a complete joke.
So is NATO - with all its power, unable after 3 months to defeat a Bedouin nutjob in a tent.

So who did this?
Who took away our national pride, our economic independence, the imperative of maintaining a strong military?
Who created human rights for killers?
Who took down our borders and forced us to take in Romanian peasants for free housing, healthcare and child education?
Who prevents us from deporting terrorists, criminals and child predators?
Who created all this 'elf & safety, minimum wage and employment law which stifles small businesses and sends call centre jobs to Pakistan?

I can hear you yawning:  “Oy! Another Eurosceptic rant.”
But that's not what it's really about.
The European Common Market (EEC) was a great idea.
But then the globalists took over and created their superstate.
Slowly but surely the mandarins in Brussels neutered us and our neighbour states politically, militarily and legislatively until we looked little different from their own non-country: Belgium.
They introduced a single currency with very strict entry rules.
Then they wilfully disregarded all the fraudulent entries, on the grounds of safety in numbers: with so many in the Euro, it must be a winner.
That fraud has now come home to roost in the Euro crisis.

The self-appointed EU commissars know perfectly well the game is up and that the Euro needs to be dumped to save us all.
But they will never accept their abject failure. 
They will rather see us all go to pot before they give up their power and perks.
And BOY have they had a gravy train.
The system is so utterly corrupt that this is the 16th straight year that the auditors have refused to sign the annual accounts of the EU.
How many businesses do you think could survive even one year without proper accounts?

And what do we do about this?
Well, we continue to pay massive EU taxes to keep this powertrip running.
And now, in the midst of the Euro crisis, they're asking for an increase of 10% in those taxes.
Why do we put up with all this?
Where is the public outrage? 
Instead, silence.
That silence is the REAL corruption in media - not Murdoch's phone hackers.

The same goes for America.
The election of a pure media creation as president.
A man no news organisation ever probed, but instead wrapped in cotton wool.
All they knew about him was in his book ‘Dreams of my Father’ which it now seems he never wrote but was written for him by a former terrorist.
A president who has failed to fulfil a single election promise.
A man who has massively weakened the US abroad and at home, where it is within days of default.
And still the media do not question ....

So, back to Rupert Murdoch.

Yes, Murdoch's people broke the law and upset many people.
But do you really think it was a coincidence that the Millie Dowler phone hacking story was outed just at the most critical tipping point of Rupert Murdoch’s biggest ever takeover?

There are vastly more important forces at work here.
Forces that are intent on destroying the one power that threatens the European globalists and the re-election of Mr Obama.

This is the power of the people.
People who want their country back.
Who want their national pride and self-respect back.
Who want a say in what their taxes are spent on.
Who want secure borders and a strong military.
Who want criminals locked up in jail instead of soft community programs.

And the biggest champion of these people is Rupert Murdoch's Fox News Channel.
The biggest success story in the history of TV news.
It's ratings are more than double CNN and the other NBC and ABC networks.
It does what the NY Times and most other news outlets forgot long ago ...
... to probe and question liberals.

The two most powerful globalists on the planet have openly declared war on Fox.
Barack Obama and George Soros.

One has all the power, the other has all the money.

That’s the REAL news of the world story.

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