March 22, 2012

Palestine: The New Insanity Plea

No sane person shoots guns at little children. And to strap-on a camera to record the cold-blooded execution of an innocent 8-year-old schoolgirl takes mental illness to its outer limits. 

By the same token, mentally stable people would not hijack a planeload of passengers to crash aircraft into buildings filled with thousands of other innocent people. And yet we never see a plea of insanity with these killings. Instead it’s all about Palestine and avenging the children of Gaza.

One can understand such a feeble excuse for insane and inhuman behaviour coming from brainwashed excrement like Mohamed Mehra. And most people are smart enough to know that Bin Laden never cared a damn about Gaza or the Palestinians. These are simply teacher and student in the methods of peddling death to the West and an end to the freedoms we cherish.

It’s far more worrying when the Gaza equivalence is adopted by politicians in a position of power in the democratic world.  For all her backtracking and redactions the bumbling EU Foreign Minister Baroness Ashton should have known better than to string Toulouse and Gaza into the same statement, let alone the same paragraph.  

Such talk only goes to empower even more useful idiots like the Lib-Dem Baroness Jenny Tonge in legitimising suicide bombings against Jews in Israel.   (Is this perhaps a 'Baroness' thing?)

No act by Israel past or future will ever justify or equivalence the deliberate and coldly calculated murder of defenceless Jewish children, whether in Toulouse, Mumbai or Ma’alot.  

It is simply pure evil.

And it’s high time all our politicians started calling it by its real name.


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